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Meet the 2017-2018 Delta Emerging Leaders

05.05.17 | Announcements

Delta is fortunate to have the passion and leadership of the Delta Emerging Leaders (DELs, for short) associate board. The DELs advance our vision of a more resilient Great Lakes region by expanding our network through events and initiatives like BOOST, a crowd-funded pitch fest that awards unrestricted grants to sustainability-focused, Chicago-based startups, and the annual Green Soapbox series. They recently brought on a group of new members, so we want to introduce you to the newest slate!

The DELs are finalists in the YNPN Chicago’s Associate Board of the Year. Winners will be announced at their annual celebration later this month. Vote before May 12, 2017 to recognize them for their work.

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Say hello to our New DEL Board Members: 

Beau 1Beau Garrett (DEL Co-chair)
What do you do by day: Energy Engineer, Goby
Top sustainability interest area: Water conservation
Why you joined the DELs: Joining the DELs has been the perfect opportunity for me to broaden the scope of my environmental work and explore important community issues on a deeper level.


Liz 1Liz Lyon (DEL Co-chair)
What do you do by day: Farmers Market Manager, Plant Chicago
Top sustainability interest area: Sustainable food production and urban agriculture
Why you joined the DELs: To meet awesome people and spread Delta’s mission far and wide!


Ryan A 2Ryan Anderson
What do you do by day: Program and Communications Manager, Midwest Pesticide Action Center
Top sustainability interest area: Revitalizing post-industrial cities/communities of the Midwest where I grew up and received the majority of my education.
Why you joined the DELs: Since the first day of interning for Delta, I knew this organization managed innovative and needed sustainable solutions. Playing a role in achieving these positive outcomes, even if just a small one, means a great deal.

Bishop, MariMari Bishop
What you do by day: Program Associate, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Top sustainability interest area: Energy and grid efficiency/innovation
Why you joined the DELs: To get more involved in sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives in the Chicago community.


Nick BradyNick Brady
What do you do by day: Energy Acquisition Analyst, ComEd
Top sustainability interest area: Meeting the energy, food and water demands of a growing population in a sustainable and earth-friendly way.
Why you joined the DELs:  I’m very interested in the DELs mission to make a difference in the world. Also, Ryan Anderson is one of my best friends from high school, so I jump at any chance to hang out with him. Lastly, I’m excited to collaborate with what looks to be a very impressive group of people.

Cycyota, TimTim Cycyota
What you do by day: Associate, Tradewater
Top sustainability interest area: Environmental planning and land management
Why you joined the DELs: I heard it was a good place to meet some cool people, foster some cool economic/environmental/community development, and learn about cool environmental stuff happening in the region.

Nathan CzubaNathan Czuba
What do you do by day: Editor, Duke University Press
Top sustainability interest area: Local ecology
Why you joined the DELs: Because I like turning waste products into useful things, whether it be dandelion wine or mealworms, and wanted to meet some like-minded folks.


Gendel, TaylorTaylor Gendel
What you do by day: Project Coordinator, Franklin Energy
Top sustainability interest area: Waste reduction through environmental education
Why you joined the DELs:  I joined to collaborate with a group of passionate environmentalists and learn more about how I can make an impact in Chicago.

Delta Triangle OnlyChristina Harris
What you do by day: Landscape Designer, Design Workshop
Top sustainability interest area: Water and the intersection of people and the environment
Why you joined the DELs: To help support a great organization


Marguerite 1Marguerite Huber
What do you do by day: Nature Communications Coordinator, Conserve Lake County
Top sustainability interest area: Water and waste
Why you joined the DELs: To meet other amazing like-minded people


lena kazerLena Kazer
What do you do by day: Lead Coordinator, Travel + Social Good
Top sustainability interest area: My main environmental interest is the cultural shift toward waste reduction – the impact of individual and local lifestyle changes on the environment.
Why you joined the DELs: I joined the DELs to immerse myself in a group of go-getters that share my passion for promoting environmental causes and innovation in the industry.

Judy Li 1Judy Li
What do you do by day: Energy Efficiency Analyst, Verde Sustainable Solutions, L3C
Top sustainability interest area: Closed loop systems, slowing climate change, urban sustainability, and environmental social enterprise
Why you joined the DELs: To meet other young environmental enthusiasts and encourage environmental sustainability through social enterprise, which happens to be one of Delta Institute’s core missions.

Nick Lucas 1Nick Lucas
What do you do by day: Sustainability Projects Manager, The Resource Center
Top sustainability interest area: Circular economies, especially clean energy and zero waste
Why you joined the DELs: To support the great work of Delta Institute and connect further with others in the field.

Kelly 1Kelly Mantick
What do you do by day: Content marketing specialist, NCSA Athletic Recruiting
Top sustainability interest area: I love water — whether drinking it, swimming in it or just running alongside it, and I’m interested in all the work Delta has done to protect the many bodies of water in this area.
Why you joined the DELs: I wanted to help solve environmental issues in the Great Lakes region, and joining the DELs is a great way to be involved and meet like-minded young professionals.

Jorge MedinaMedina, Jorge
What you do by day: Marketing Director, CSW Solutions
Top sustainability interest area: Sustainability and renewables
Why you joined the DELs: To help contribute to the group’s efforts to develop a more sustainable world.


Dave 1Dave Meyer
What do you do by day: Business Development Manager, LanzaTech
Top sustainability interest area: Combating climate change
Why you joined the DELs: To help build awareness of environmental issues and sustainability, and to meet people with similar interests.


Meyer, Kathryn 1Kathryn Meyer
What you do by day: ORISE Research Fellow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes National Program Office
Top sustainability interest area: Currently, it’s freshwater conservation and freshwater access, but overall, my interests involve combating anthropogenic influences on the environment (i.e., pollution, toxic chemicals).
Why you joined the DELs: I’m looking forward to learning more about the work being done to support human livelihoods, while also supporting and protecting the environment outside of an academic setting. Also, the DELs I met were very enthusiastic, friendly people and the opportunity to meet more like-minded environmentalists in the Chicagoland area was exciting.

Sylvia Panek
What you do by day: Impact Manager, Impact Investors
Top sustainability interest area: Creating possibilities for conscious capital, meaning finance used in a manner that has a positive impact in growing the economy while also strengthening society and preserving ecosystems.
Why you joined the DELs: As a native Chicagoan, Delta Institute’s mission hits home. I want the Midwest to be a vibrant region, one that has a bustling economy and inviting culture alongside beautiful, healthy Great Lakes.

Slodounik, HannahHannah Slodounik
What you do by day: Sustainability Coordinator, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Top sustainability interest area: People, water
Why you joined the DELs: For me, sustainability is about community. I wanted to work with others who share my passion for the environment while contributing to a greater cause.

Peter 1Peter Toth
What do you do by day: Associate, Foresight Design Initiative
Top sustainability interest area: I’m most interested in tackling complex challenges and systems change, which seem to be inherent across all types of environmental work.
Why you joined the DELs: I joined the DELs to work with people who share my passions and are doing cool work in the community.