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Meet our 2017 Summer Interns!

08.02.17 | Announcements

Written by Reyna Basa, Communications Intern

Every summer, a new cohort of interns supply fresh energy and perspective to the team through their work across many different projects. Meet our Summer 2017 Intern Team!

Claire Costelloe
Jeff Metcalfe Summer Intern
Naperville, Illinois
University of Chicago

Claire Costelloe is one of two Jeff Metcalfe Summer Interns with Delta. She first learned about Delta through a class last fall and has been excited about its work ever since. Her favorite places in the Great Lakes are Bobolink Meadow and Wooded Isle in Jackson Park because they are great places for running, having a quiet moment for yourself, or seeing local bird and butterfly species – but the biggest highlight is that it’s easy to forget about being in a major metropolitan area while walking through the park. Jackson Park was also the filming location for Blues Brothers and a few artifacts and structures remain from the 1893 World’s Fair. Outside of work, Claire spends her time running, knitting, or reading.

How does she describe her work at Delta in 3 words? Collaborative, diverse, engaging


Maria Perez
Caracas, Venezuela
Northwestern University

Maria is an intern from Northwestern University and learned about Delta through her university. She developed an interest in our environmental and sustainability projects. Her favorite place in the Great Lakes is the lakefill next to Northwestern University because it’s right next to Lake Michigan. Maria goes there to sit on a rock and enjoy the weather by the lake or people watch. When Maria isn’t at Delta, she enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with her family.

How does she describe her work at Delta in 3 words? New, interesting, frustrating

Adrian Geilen
Jeff Metcalfe Ecosystems Intern
Miami, Florida
University of Chicago

Adrian first learned about Delta Institute through an Economics department email through his university and grew in interest through Delta’s focus on economic sustainability of environmental initiatives. His favorite place in the Great Lakes region is Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition having a small college-town vibe, Ann Arbor is a place clearly influenced by many different cultures. Out of the places to eat, he loves Zimmerman’s Bakery. When Adrian isn’t working at Delta, he enjoys traveling, cooking, sailing, searching for the best ramen in the city.

How does he describe his work at Delta in 3 words? Intriguing, rewarding, upbeat

Reyna Basa
Communication Intern
San Francisco, California
Loyola University Chicago

Reyna is a post-graduate intern that learned about Delta Institute through former summer interns. Her interest stemmed from Delta’s sustainability initiatives that engage the local lake-side communities and foster awareness. Her favorite place in the Great Lakes region is Lake Shore Drive in Chicago because of the many different activities and events happening right next to a bustling metropolis. When Reyna isn’t working, she’s either cooking, traveling, or finding bars or restaurants to eat at.

How does she describe her work at Delta in 3 words? Gratifying, energetic, immersive


Delta Institute’s internship program is offered to both undergraduates and recent graduates and strives to offer a unique, hands-on learning experience in a fast-paced nonprofit environment. Keep an eye out for postings at or sign up for our e-newsletter below to get updates and postings in your inbox.