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Driven Doer: Elizabeth M.G. Haucke

11.02.17 | Announcements

Welcome to our Driven Doer series! Every month, we highlight the passionate, motivated people who help advance Delta’s mission of achieving a resilient Great Lakes environment and economy.

Meet Elizabeth M.G. Haucke, President of Plovgh. Elizabeth is based in Viroqua, Wisconsin and oversees operations and strategy for Plovgh.

What do you do?

I provide strategic direction and day-to-day oversight at Plovgh, which I started in 2011. Plovgh connects farmers and their crops (mostly in the Midwest) with customers (mostly food and feed businesses) that value a particular characteristic of that crop (mostly perennial, rotationally grown, or source-specific).

What drives you and inspires you to get up in the morning?

I have three kids, a farm, and a business, so in practical terms, the urgency of breakfast gets me out of bed in the morning. But the urgency of course-correcting American agriculture drives me day in and day out.

How are you currently involved with Delta; what’s exciting about the project?

Plovgh is participating on a number of grants with Delta that focus on reinvigorating grain and pulse production in the Midwest. For me, the most exciting aspect of the work is the collaboration among many committed organizations and visionary people.

Describe Delta in 4 words or less:

Gets brainstorms into workplans

What’s your favorite place in the Great Lakes region?

There is a spot I love to visit on the Ann River in Mora, Minnesota, that feels like it connects me to everywhere else.