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What a remarkable year it’s been. We have seen some exciting developments, like the growth of new Delta collaborations that tackle complex environmental issues across the Midwest, as well as a few obstacles, including natural disasters and threats to federal programs that fund critical environmental restoration, coal transition, and community development work in our region.

In the face of climate change and atrophying political leadership, we continue to meet challenges head on with our unique blend of tenacious optimism and pragmatism. In this report, we share just a few stories from across our portfolio of work about how we are bringing together a diversity of perspectives, from community organizers to grain farmers, to chart a new path forward to create thriving communities and landscapes.

And we’ve pushed ourselves to ingrain cooperation and adaptation into how we work internally at Delta, drawing inspiration from the biosphere and, in particular, honey bees.

Bees can teach us a lot about the power of cooperation and mutually beneficial interaction. Plant-pollinator interactions lay the foundation for a complex web of interdependent activity — one that our food systems and landscapes rely upon.

Everything is connected. That’s why we embrace an integrated approach to environment, economy, and community; why we organize our work internally by “hives”; and why partnership is central to how we achieve impact.

In 2018, we will celebrate Delta’s 20th anniversary. That’s two decades of partnerships, built across sectors, geographies, and impact areas. We hope that you will join us in celebrating 20 years of impact and that you continue to help us demonstrate the power of partnership in the next 20 years.

— Bill Schleizer, CEO, Delta Institute


Delta will be celebrating 20 years of creating sustainable environmental solutions that are helping our communities grow stronger — ecologically, socially, and economically.