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How is Midwest Infrastructure Impacted by Climate Change?

10.23.17 | In the News

An article published in The Columbia Chronicle presents a study by Mary Craighead of the Midwest Economic Policy Institute titled “Climate Change and Its Impact on Infrastructure Systems in the Midwest.” The purpose of the study is to educate the Midwest about how climate change could damage the region, in reaction to devastation from the recent hurricanes on the nation’s…More

Uncertainty Remains for Midwest Coal Communities

10.13.17 | In the News

An article published in Midwest Energy News discusses how Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) plans to close its two coal-fired plants in Adams County, Ohio next June. Last month, the Trump administration announced a proposal that would allow operators to recover their costs and keep some coal-fired plants operating. Local Adams County officials subsequently reached out to the Trump administration…More

Opportunities for Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Development

10.13.17 | In the News

This article in the Las Vegas Optic outlines the key takeaways from our most recent Glass Half Full discussion series event in September focused on models for sustainable community and neighborhood development. While the majority of the issues discussed were Chicago specific, the piece explains that communities nationwide have the potential to better integrate the environment, the economy and the…More

Brownfield Site in Gary to Become Urban Forest

09.18.17 | In the News

How can a toxic, Superfund brownfield site that was once a bustling hosiery factory cleanse its past and start anew? An article in the Post-Tribune explains how Fresh Coast Capital LLC and Delta Institute are working together to plant poplar and cottonwood trees to improve the landscape and cleanse the soil at a vacant site in Gary, Indiana. City Councilwoman…More


09.07.17 | In the News

This Wisconsin National Resources magazine article explains how government entities, local municipalities and nonprofit organizations, including Delta Institute, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and University of Wisconsin, are working together to develop a phosphorus prioritization plan that identifies recommendations for improving water quality and aquatic habitat.

National Guard to Demolish Vacant Structures in Gary, IN

08.10.17 | In the News

This NWI times article explains how the National Guard will help Gary meet its goal of demolishing hundreds of abandoned structures this year. The Guard is anticipated to demolish 22 structures next month. Earlier this year, the Gary Redevelopment Commission demolished a large former church that was adjacent to the future site of Steel City Salvage, a Delta Initiative.