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Driven Doer: Sam Schiller

05.13.16 | Announcements

Welcome to our Driven Doer series! Each month, we highlight the passionate, motivated people who help advance Delta’s mission of achieving a resilient Great Lakes environment and economy.

Meet Sam Schiller. He is a long-time friend of Delta, co-founder our associate board, the Delta Emerging Leaders, and fighter of greenhouse gases at Tradewater.

What do you do?

I am the Manager of Carbon Projects at Tradewater, an environmental project development firm. I help create initiatives that target and destroy potent greenhouse gases. So far we have destroyed over a half a million tons of pollution from harmful refrigerant and methane from abandoned coal mines.

What drives you and inspires you to get up in the morning?

Climate change is the inescapable byproduct of generations of economic shortcuts, racial injustice, and institutional failure. I love the idea that I can wake up and be part of the force that confronts that history and is part of the solution.

How did you first get involved with Delta?

I helped start the Delta Emerging Leaders in 2010 and wanted to find tangible ways to get young professionals hooked into Delta and environmental work in the Chicago.

Delta in 4 words or less:

Clear Obstacles, Build Solutions

Favorite place in the Great Lakes region:

My entire bike route to work.