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Delta Institute Appoints Senior Fellow to Lead Coal Transition Work

08.17.17 | Announcements

Delta Senior Fellow, Cindy Winland

Delta Institute CEO Bill Schleizer is pleased to announce the appointment of Cindy Winland to the advisory role of Senior Fellow. As a Senior Fellow, Cindy will focus exclusively on providing support to coal-impacted communities in their transition away from fossil fuels. Since 2012, Delta has been instrumental in helping coal plant communities prepare for the closure and potential reuse of their coal plants in a way that promotes environmental sustainability and socially equitable economic development.

Winland had previously served as a Director at Delta Institute, leading project work related to community development, urban planning, and coal community transition. This new role was created in partnership with the Just Transition Fund to leverage Cindy’s expertise related to coal transition issues and focus for impact during this critical time of national energy transition. Learn more about Delta’s coal transition work here.