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Driven Doer: Tim Brown

04.10.18 | Announcements

Welcome to our Driven Doer series! Every month, we highlight the passionate, motivated people who help Delta work toward its vision of achieving a Midwest region in which all communities and landscapes thrive.

Meet Tim Brown, co-founder of Delta Institute and President of Tradewater, a company that creates, develops, and implements high value projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What do you do?

I am the President of Tradewater, a company that collects and destroys greenhouse gases. We create carbon offset credits that are used in the regulated cap and trade market in California as well as the voluntary market. A major focus of our work now is on old refrigerants — chlorofluorocarbons that deplete the ozone layer and are potent greenhouse gases. They were banned from production by the Montreal Protocol but are still in use. Our team works all over the country to find, collect, and destroy these pollutants, and we are expanding our program internationally.

What drives you and inspires you to get up in the morning?

I have worked on environmental issues and pollution prevention for 34 years and I continue to get up every morning to keep doing it. While it’s easy to be discouraged by the onslaught of bad news out there, the people who come together to make a difference inspire me greatly. There is more investment being made today in creative companies and projects that have measurable environmental impact and create jobs. It’s great to see and it’s about time.

How are you currently involved with Delta; what’s exciting about the project?

I co-founded Delta Institute together with Donna Ducharme in 1998. After I stepped down as co-director in 2008, I served on the Delta board. This year I have the honor of chairing the 20th anniversary committee to help bring attention to the great work that the Delta team is doing. Delta’s range and depth is incredibly interesting. I am delighted to see Delta continue to push the envelop by developing smart and effective programs led by an impressive staff. Twenty years is a major milestone signaling the staying power of a dynamic and important organization.

Describe Delta in 4 words or less:

Entrepreneurial. Effective. Fun.

What’s your favorite place in the Great Lakes region?

Southern Lake Michigan from Chicago around the bend into Indiana and southwest Michigan. It’s home to a world class city, of course, and the freshwater dune system of Indiana and Michigan — a truly original landscape. But my love for that region is tied with the southern shore of Lake Superior, particularly Marquette County, Michigan.