We are driven doers.

Whether you’re a business, a government agency, a nonprofit or a community, we understand your challenges, and we can help you tackle them.

We do this by challenging assumptions, testing new strategies and finding the resources and stakeholders needed to make it work.

We serve our clients and partners by:

Identifying strategic solutions that benefit the environment and the bottom line

Developing sustainable markets, supply chains and operations

Convening diverse stakeholders for constructive dialogues

Informing policies that benefit the environment, business and communities

Designing and implementing model programs that engage and educate

Business Programs

Delta views business as a change agent and seeks to galvanize business leadership in sustainability. In 2013, Delta administered the City of Chicago’s Green Office Challenge, a citywide competition that engaged 60 buildings, 250 businesses, and over 1,000 individuals around office sustainability.

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Residential Programs

Delta has thirteen years of experience designing and implementing innovative, consumer-facing programs that aim to improve residential energy efficiency and sustainability through strategic outreach and engagement.

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Capacity Building and Workforce Development

Delta has created and implemented a number of education, training and workforce development programs around energy efficiency, brownfield remediation, and, most recently, deconstruction

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Green Infrastructure

Delta is committed to building resilient urban environments, and we work with government clients and community partners to plan and implement green infrastructure projects that transform vacant or underutilized property into working landscapes that absorb stormwater and beautify neighborhoods.

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Brownfield Redevelopment

Since its founding in 1998, Delta has been a leader in brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. Now, Delta provides its expertise to help clients and partners implement redevelopment strategies that revitalize communities.

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Former industrial sites in rural and urban areas can present significant environmental and economic challenges, but Delta has experience working with nonprofit, government and industry partners to remediate vacant industrial sites by planting tree farms. Specific trees, such as poplars, provide environmental benefits, preventing soil erosion, removing contaminants and sequestering carbon, and they can create local economic opportunities by remediating contaminated sites for redevelopment and providing an affordable, local and sustainable source of wood for local manufacturers.

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Due to a changing energy market and mounting regulatory and community pressure, coal-fired power plants are shutting down across the country, and these closures impact local jobs, economies, tax bases, and environments. Delta meets communities where they are and helps them to plan for the closure and redevelopment of their coal plants. Delta’s specific skills include community visioning, stakeholder facilitation, government grant writing assistance, technical assistance, feasibility studies, community engagement/outreach, and reuse strategy development.

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Delta has a history of starting social ventures that build sustainable markets, like the Rebuilding Exchange. Now we are analyzing the market potential for urban wood in the Chicagoland region and aiming to build a market that maximizes the value of this under-utilized regional asset.

Read more about the Urban Wood Market Development project >


You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and the Chicagoland region has plenty of room for improvement in its recycling and reuse rates. Delta’s technical staff provides waste audits varying in size and scope, from building-level audits to waste infrastructure assessments of the Chicago Metropolitan Region.

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Energy Benchmarking

Energy efficiency offers one of the easiest ways to reduce your greenhouse gas impact while achieving cost savings. Delta leverages its technical expertise to conduct energy audits and assessments to help identify the best opportunities for savings.

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An important driver of the regional economy, the agriculture industry also has a significant impact on the Great Lakes environment. Delta works with farmers to achieve measurable environmental improvements through adjustments in agricultural practices.

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Regional Stakeholder Facilitation

Over the last 20 years, Delta has earned a reputation as an effective facilitator that brings all parties to the table in a collaborative, constructive way. In 2014, Delta led the Lake Michigan Forum and Academy, a regional dialogue around critical environmental issues in the Lake Michigan basin.

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Community Stakeholder Facilitation

Delta is also known as an honest broker that can convene diverse stakeholders at the community level to find common ground and move the conversation forward. In 2012, Delta facilitated the Mayor’s Fisk and Crawford Taskforce, comprised of community groups, local government, and the electric generation company, to assist in the development of Guiding Principles for the decommissioned power sites moving forward.

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