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Lumin Helps Chicago Customers Manage Their Energy Bills

06.16.18 | In the News

An article published in Energy News Network details the benefits that Delta Institute’s Lumin has on low-income consumers. Director at Delta Institute, Kevin Dick, explains the impacts that the energy management tools can have on consumers who do not own a smartphone, saving them money and simplifying the process.

Urban Infrastructure Impacted by Changing Climate

05.16.18 | In the News

An article and video published in CGTN America highlights how city infrastructure is being threatened today by our changing climate. Eve Pytel, Director at Delta Institute, is quoted sharing how our urban infrastructure is compromised and that we need to solve the escalating problem for the long term. Watch the video here.

Coal Communities Transition Roadmap

05.06.18 | In the News

Delta Institute’s Coal Plant Redevelopment Roadmap was included in Politico’s Morning Energy newsletter. The roadmap provides insight into the coal community transition process and includes modules that show economic and environmental impacts. It also provides information on engagement strategies.  

Guide for Post-Coal Communities

05.05.18 | In the News

An article and audio piece published in West Virginia Public Broadcasting shares details on our newest tool, Coal Plant Redevelopment Roadmap. Communities specialist at Delta Institute, Emily Rhodes, explains that the roadmap seeks to assist coal plant communities where they need help the most. The roadmap outlines the benefits of early planning when possible, where to start that planning process, what questions to…More

Coal Plant Redevelopment in Pittsburgh

04.23.18 | In the News

An article published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses the potential redevelopment of Mitchell Power Station, a closed coal plant 18 miles south of Pittsburgh that has not produced electricity since 2013. A Delta Institute document from 2014 titled “Transforming Coal Plants into Productive Community Assets” is linked in the document.  The piece shares that Delta reviewed 25 redevelopment projects at closed…More

Lumin Recognized with Illinois Green’s Emerald Award for Green Innovation

04.20.18 | In the News

We are proud to announce that Lumin, a free mobile notification service for utility customers, will be recognized with Illinois Green’s Emerald Award for Green Innovation at their annual Limelight Reception on May 15. Lumin was created to understand the barriers preventing low-income energy users from taking advantage of existing energy efficiency programs offering free funding. Lumin works to remove those…More