Delta releases Green Infrastructure toolkit for property owners and municipalities

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Delta is pleased to release Green Infrastructure Designs: Scalable Solutions to Local Challenges. The toolkit aims to help municipal managers and decision-makers begin the process of implementing green infrastructure in their community. Featuring a decision support tool and downloadable design templates for bioswales, rain gardens, stormwater planters, permeable pavement, and underground storage, the publication offers practical tools that can be scaled to sites across a wide geography.

Rain Garden Design Excerpt

Excerpt from Rain Garden Design

Green infrastructure is a management technique that takes advantage of natural processes that allow water to infiltrate soil while minimizing discharge into nearby waterways. Effective management of stormwater and flooding is a priority of many municipalities. However, municipalities often face barriers to green infrastructure implementation, such as the lack of capacity and technical expertise, and constrained human and financial resources.

Developed in partnership with Guidon Design and with input from members of the Calumet Stormwater Collaborative, Green Infrastructure Designs: Scalable Solutions to Local Challenges includes decision support tools, design templates for five green infrastructure treatments; with accompanying technical drawings, construction notes, and cost and maintenance information.

Excerpt from Permeable Pavement Design

Excerpt from Permeable Pavement Design

Written for municipal managers and decision-makers, this toolkit aims to provide users with a clearer understanding of how to identify opportunities for green infrastructure implementation, which green infrastructuretreatments are most suitable for a specific site or purpose, and how to make informed decisions based on reasonable cost estimates.

Download the whole toolkit, or just the CAD files below:

If you use this toolkit to implement green infrastructure in your community, we would like to hear about it!

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