Delta’s Associate Board Welcomes New Members

Delta’s Associate Board Welcomes New Members

Edgewater Workbench DEL crew

DELs proudly display their lasercut pieces at the 2015 Team Retreat at Edgewater Workbench

Here at Delta Institute, we are fortunate to have the enthusiasm and expertise of the Delta Emerging Leaders (DELs), our associate board that helps us advance and promote our work and other great sustainability initiatives in and around Chicago. Well-known in Chicago’s sustainability sector for their annual BOOST event, the DELs brought on new members in January and initiated their 2015 programming at a planning brunch in March. During the brunch, they shared not only their passion and expertise in generating ideas to advance the DELs mission, but they also demonstrated their cooking skills and whipped up a delicious meal.

Planning Brunch

Co-founder Sam Schiller gazes fondly at the DEL’s plans

Armed with a powerful purpose and a plentiful supply of Post-It notes, the DELs developed plans for impactful programming that will guide their upcoming year.  This programming drives the expansion of Delta’s network, allowing the DELs’ message and work to reach a wider range of young professionals. Stay tuned for info on their upcoming events in Delta’s monthly e-newsletter, and follow the Delta Emerging Leaders on Facebook and Twitter!


Get to know our Delta Emerging Leaders Board Members:

Name: Natalie Corrado
By day, I work at: Mercer as a Global Fixed Income Research Consultant
My main sustainability interest: Reuse, and not owning a car, supporting the growth of green jobs and environmentally sustainable companies
Why I joined the DELs: To make a positive impact on the environmental health and future of the Great Lakes region with a group of young leaders with passion and determination to disrupt the energy status quo and give back to mother nature.

Name: Lucy Geglio
By day, I work at: Spark Program as an Operations and Finance Manager
My main sustainability interest: Population!  Specifically, the way that increasing populations and changing demographics affect resource consumption and the environment
Why I joined the DELs: After working at Delta for three years, I thought it would be a great way to stay connected with the organization and keep supporting its mission.  Plus, the DELs events have always been some of my favorites to attend and I’m looking forward to playing a more active role!

Name: Sarah Knobloch
By day, I work at: Kinship Foundation as a Senior Program Assistant
My main sustainability interest: I’m currently very invigorated by the potential of the sharing economy to adjust cultural expectations around waste and transportation.
Why I joined the DELs: I joined the DELs to implement BOOST, which I view as an inventive experience that activates energized and innovative young people to invest in the environmental resilience of Chicago.

Name: Jared Melnyk
By day, I work at: NextCapital as a Designer
My main sustainability interest: I am very interested in reuse projects, urban agriculture, and active/green transport (especially biking) around Chicago.
Why I joined the DELs: I joined the DELs to learn more about environmental projects in Chicago and the Great Lakes region, and to leverage the impact that I can make as an individual by joining a team of young professionals. I am also really into the power of market-based solutions to resolve environmental problems and am pumped to work at the crossroads of business and sustainability.

Name: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett
By day, I work at: Elevate Energy as a Program Support Associate
My main sustainability interest: I believe there is value in our waste stream and my work aims to expose the waste systems in and around Chicago by exploring reuse as a viable materials management strategy.
Why I joined the DELs: Delta’s mission to research and model market-driven solutions to environmental and social issues is a huge inspiration to me and a desire to support this vision was my reason for joining the DELs.

Name: Jessica van der Vooren
By day, I work at: Exelon as a Senior Analyst
My main sustainability interest: The intersection of industry and environment, and how we can do better
Why I joined the DELs: I’m new to Chicago, and wanted to find out more about what’s happening in the community.

Name: John Clarke
By day, I work at: New Belgium Brewing as a Great Lakes Gadabout
My main sustainability interest: Fostering support for local bike advocacy efforts and discovering how to do more and consume less
Why I joined the DELs:  There is a lot of work to be done around catalyzing environmental stewards in Chicago, and plenty of folks here who are ready for the task.  I joined the DELs to build support for Delta’s mission from those who are looking to contribute to positive environmental and social change in Chicago.

Name: Mike Harrington
By day, I work at: Elevate Energy as a Field Organizer
My main sustainability interest: I am interested in all aspects of sustainability (although I am not a huge fan of that word) and work a little in a lot of different fields, including energy, transportation and urban ag.
Why I joined the DELs: I wanted to expand my network and reach out to young adults in the area that may not necessarily know or care about sustainability that much and show them that besides it being the most important issue we face, it can also be fun and interesting. I also support the kind of market based approaches to addressing environmental issues that Delta utilizes and want more people to be aware of and support that kind of work.

Name: Sam Schiller
By day, I work at: Wabascho, LLC as a Renewable Energy Project Developer and Associate
My main sustainability interest: Pollution prevention and renewable energy
Why I joined the DELs: I wanted to find tangible opportunities to bring together young professionals and innovative environmental professionals to create an impact on sustainability in Chicago.

Name: Mat Elmore
By day, I work at: Elevate Energy as a Senior Solar Project Lead
My main sustainability interest: Solar Energy
Why I joined the DELs: To collaborate with smart and interesting sustainability professionals

Name: Hayle Gosnell
By day, I work at: Kirkland & Ellis LLP as a Legal Assistant
My main sustainability interest: Composting and reuse
Why I joined the DELs: I joined the DELs because I wanted to learn more about the sustainable programs and initiatives the Delta Institute is implementing while taking on a proactive role to better the communities within the Great Lakes region.

Name: Daniel Guico
By day, I work at: Aramark with Loyola University as an Assistant Food Service Director
My main sustainability interest: The evolution of local and sustainable food systems
Why I joined the DELs: I want to meet passionate people who work in areas of sustainability that are less familiar to me.

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