Guide Provides Resources to Navigate the Coal Transition Process

Media Contact: Amy Yanow

CHICAGO, IL – May 3, 2018 – Delta Institute releases “Coal Plant Redevelopment Roadmap: A Guide for Communities in Transition,” which helps communities plan for the closure and potential reuse of their coal plants in ways that promote environmentally sustainable and socially equitable economic development.

Since Delta’s founding, they have engaged in community-driven redevelopment of vacant sites and brownfields, and they are a national leader in supporting coal plant communities in the transition away from coal.

The roadmap is intended to provide coal-impacted communities with information and resources to navigate the transition process.

It is divided into five modules that provide tools for municipal governments and others to assess their capacity, identify and engage key stakeholders, and plan for redevelopment of their coal plant site. These module are as follows:

1. Building a redevelopment and transition team
2. Assessing economic and environmental impacts
3. Determining site challenges and opportunities
4. Planning an engagement strategy
5. Developing reuse ideas from a shared community

Most transitions do not follow a straight path. Regardless of where a community is in the transition process, the Coal Plant Redevelopment Roadmap provides tools and resources that practitioners can use as their community embarks on this complex effort.

The roadmap was made possible with support from the Just Transition Fund and others.


View the Coal Plant Redevelopment Roadmap at the following link:

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