Offering Employment Pathways through Waste Reduction in Gary

Gary, Indiana, is a resilient community. With the rise and ebb of Midwestern industry, in tandem with population rise and decline, Gary has lived and evolved—often with the region and nation watching.

Delta Institute has worked within Gary for years—decades even—with dozens of local community partners who are essential to our collaborative efforts’ success. Many of our supporters are familiar with Delta’s efforts to create Steel City Salvage, our deconstruction project that saves reclaimed materials from vacant buildings going to landfill—instead of selling them to spur economic development within the City of Gary.

After years of strategy, a successful pop-up market, and community engagement efforts, Delta is looking for a permanent “home” for Steel City Salvage to benefit Gary residents for years to come. This long-term vision led us to the Sojourner Truth House, a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, for our partnership and collaboration on Steel City Boxtown. Our efforts will combine creative use of space with an innovative business incubator concept to directly benefit both Sojourner Truth House clients—who are women experiencing homelessness or hardship—and the broader community of Gary.

The evolution of Steel City Salvage will provide residents of Gary with a more resilient, economically vibrant future. Please support our ongoing efforts to achieve this vision.

Delta’s Steel City Salvage pop-up market created a marketplace for reclaimed building materials that would have otherwise gone to landfills.

Specifically, this project will provide job development training for clients while offering economic development resulting from reused and salvaged materials from Gary, Indiana vacant structures—directly tying together both economic and environmental positive impacts. Delta Institute’s partnership with Sojourner Truth House offers an “anchor” shop for Steel City Boxtown through Steel City Salvage, a Delta Institute-led initiative that salvages building materials from vacant homes and both community and business sites throughout Gary. Sojourner Truth House clients will manage and operate the resale enterprise of this initiative while gaining vital job skills.

Together we are working for a resilient Little Village, offering future generations with economic access, democratic inclusion, living wage job generation, and workforce development.

Your support today will create jobs for Gary residents tomorrow. Please help us.



Bill Schleizer
CEO, Delta Institute

Sister Peg Spindler, CSA
Executive Director, Sojourner Truth House

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