Economic Analysis & Real Estate Development Consultant Request for Proposals


A partnership of three nonprofits, Delta Institute, Calumet Collaborative, and the Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF), seek quotes from qualified consultants and vendors for an economic analysis scope to address community needs and active project work.

Interested respondents should submit a PDF proposal via email to Delta Institute by 12/22/2023 that addresses the below.

About Delta Institute

Delta collaborates with communities to solve complex environmental challenges throughout the Midwest. We address Midwestern environmental, economic, and climate challenges today, so that our home and region are more resilient, equitable, and innovative tomorrow.

A 501(c)(3) organization, Delta is undertaking efforts focusing on the intentional redevelopment of vacant lands and brownfields that has been a cornerstone of our work with communities, local governments, developers, and environmental consultants. For more than 20 years, Delta has leveraged its technical, planning, and engagement expertise to equip communities across the Midwest to tackle challenges like brownfield redevelopment. Our organization works one-on-one with local and regional stakeholders to foster collaborative problem solving. We help communities identify, prioritize, and evaluate land for revitalization by assessing economic, environmental and market factors through the lens of community needs and capacities.

We believe this is what a more resilient, equitable, and innovative Midwest looks like.

About Calumet Collaborative

The Calumet Collaborative catalyzes innovative partnerships between Illinois and Indiana community, government, business and nonprofit stakeholders to advance a thriving Calumet region through sustainable development. Calumet Collaborative exists to catalyze equitable sustainable development in the Calumet region. The Collaborative serves as a bridge builder—across geographies, sectors, and issues—to convene, facilitate, and accelerate sustainable development efforts. It also serves as an inclusive conduit for community voice in regionally-significant, decision-making processes to ensure tangible, transformative impact is realized by, with, and for all.

About the Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF)

SETF is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the southeast side and south suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education, pollution prevention, and sustainable development. We believe that southeast Chicagoland will one day serve as a national and international model for the integration of industrial, residential and natural areas into a productive, green, and environmentally sustainable urban community.

Scope of Quote

Delta, Calumet Collaborative, and SETF seek to hire a consultant experienced in economic analysis to develop a study that identifies (1) real estate investment and development trends, (2) workforce characteristics and needs, and (3) market sector growth in the communities on the Southeast side of Chicago. This will inform existing planning and community development efforts by Delta, Calumet Collaborative and SETF – including the creation of the Southeast Chicago Sustainable Redevelopment Strategy, an initiative focused on identifying opportunities for redevelopment that align with a community vision of the region. The project is focused on advancing priorities around environmental restoration and protection, recreation, workforce opportunities, and economic and community development, and identifying strategies to leverage regional anchors – like the Illinois International Port District.

Over the course of a 6 month period, the consultant will: (1) conduct research and analysis on brownfield redevelopment opportunities in the Southeast side; (2) provide research on the residential, commercial, mixed-use, recreational and industrial development trends for the area; (3) identify opportunities for advancing workforce development in the region; (4) leverage their professional network to connect the project team with brokers, developers, and industrial/commercial stakeholders for stakeholder interviews, and; (5) participate in the project team meetings. This project work will be supportive of and be completed in coordination with planning efforts conducted by the Illinois International Port District, City of Chicago, and other organizations – such as Calumet Collaborative, Southeast Environmental Task Force, and Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Specifically, the economic analysis will include:

Brownfields and Vacant Land Revitalization Assessment: The project team will inventory brownfield sites within the Lake Calumet area and, with the consultant’s support, (1) analyze the investment opportunities, trends and constraints for site remediation and redevelopment, and; (2) identify prime opportunities for catalytic redevelopment projects. This will inform the project team’s creation of a strategic framework for area-wide brownfield redevelopment, with dossiers summarizing potential redevelopment projects. This work will be supported through geo-spatial analysis, real estate market analysis, development finance analysis, and substantial engagement with stakeholder organizations, developers, and private industry groups.

Real Estate Development Assessment: The consultant will identify the assets and potential industrial, commercial and recreational clusters that can be leveraged to create new investment for driving economic growth throughout the Southeast Side. This will include an analysis of industrial developer, impact investor, and local business priorities through direct engagement of the developers, brokers, business-owners and industry groups. Information gleaned via this analysis will help inform specific strategies, including public policies, that will need to be implemented to help fill market gaps and achieve a shared community vision for each community area.

Workforce Development Assessment: The consultant will assess existing local workforce characteristics, needs and opportunities. This will inform the project team’s recommendations for advancing workforce development programs and partnerships and worker ownership frameworks that align with the targeted redevelopment opportunities within the Southeast side.

Community Engagement: There are many partnerships, plans, and activities occurring in Southeast Chicago communities. Delta’s work will be designed to augment ongoing initiatives and will prioritize how to beneficially leverage the assets of local industrial and commercial opportunities to stimulate redevelopment in adjacent neighborhoods. This work will be carried out through stakeholder interviews and community input sessions, which the consultant will attend.

General Project Location

Chicago’s Southeast Side neighborhoods surrounding the Illinois International Port District, including East Side, South Chicago, Calumet Heights, South Deering, Pullman, Riverdale and Roseland.

Scope of Economic Analysis Consulting Services

  1. Assess Real Estate Development Trends & Investor Priorities
    1. Conduct residential/commercial/industrial market research for the communities of focus and produce a real estate development assessment
    2. Consult on the project’s engagement plan for commercial/industrial real estate brokers, developers, and firms, and connect the project team to these groups, and assist in facilitating project interviews.
    3. Deliverables:
      1. Commercial & Industrial Stakeholder Engagement Plan
      2. Real Estate Development Assessment
  2. Identify Brownfields and Vacant Land Revitalization Opportunities
    1. Identify redevelopment site candidates from Delta’s brownfield inventory, taking into account community priorities shared with the project team via various engagement efforts
    2. Determine land development and market opportunities for top candidate sites, based on professional expertise and research, and conduct development finance analysis on key sites
    3. Provide advisory services on site redevelopment project dossiers
    4. Deliverables:
      1. Prioritized Brownfield Site Inventory
      2. Brownfields and Vacant Land Revitalization Assessment
      3. Redevelopment Site Dossiers
  3. Assess Workforce Needs and Opportunities
    1. Identify current workforce trends and characteristics
    2. Provide advisory services on recommendations for advancing workforce development programs and partnerships and worker ownership frameworks that align with targeted redevelopment opportunities
    3. Deliverables:
      1. Workforce Development Assessment

Requisite Experience

The selected consultant will have demonstrated experience in (1) conducting research and analysis, (2) providing support services on urban redevelopment projects, and (3) extensive experience working with public agencies, community groups and private sector clients. Relevant expertise includes conducting market analyses, real estate feasibility studies, and redevelopment strategies on brownfield redevelopment sites. Consultants (or consultant teams) must possess graduate-level degree(s) in real estate development or urban planning, and additional relevant professional certifications (AICP, CRE, etc.) are preferred. Inclusion of relevant professional organization memberships (Urban Land Institute, Lambda Alpha International, etc.) is also preferred.


From Contract Execution Date through April 30, 2024.


Total compensation up to $40,000 for all tasks.

Due Date for Submission

December 22, 2023, 5pm CST: Please send all proposals via PDF attachment to No calls please.

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