RFP: Feasibility Study Consultant for Stormwater Wetland Treatment Project

Delta Institute Overview

Delta Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization. Delta Institute collaborates with communities to solve complex environmental challenges throughout the Midwest. We address Midwestern environmental, economic, and climate challenges today so that our home and region are more resilient, equitable, and innovative tomorrow. Delta is working with our long-term partner, the Illinois International Port District, to assess and evaluate the placement and creation of new stormwater treatment wetland locations that will capture stormwater and remediate existing contamination on IIPD land–keeping pollutants from entering the Calumet River and traveling through dozens of downstream communities.


Illinois International Port District (IIPD) Overview

The IIPD’s Iroquois Landing facility situated at the southwest corner of Lake Michigan and the entrance of the Calumet River, sits on 190 acres and receives international ship traffic through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The IIPD, in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), conducted a study to develop a port master plan. The plan’s purpose is to give the IIPD a clear vision of how the port should develop through 2050 with input from the communities and stakeholders. The plan vision will encompass IIPD’s property: Iroquois Landing and Lake Calumet by identifying strategies to better utilize existing facilities and position the port to realize its full economic potential, while also providing workforce, community, recreational, and environmental benefits. These strategies will consider the port’s position within local, regional, state, national, and international contexts. See the map of the IIPD below.


Project Overview

Delta Institute is undertaking a highly collaborative project with the IIPD, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), and community stakeholders to improve water quality along the Calumet River by restoring portions of IIPD property at Lake Calumet. This is a major priority in the IIPD Master Plan released in 2022. Delta has completed a site prioritization process to identify potential locations for wetlands or other green infrastructure. Delta is also supporting and coordinating with the IIPD Community Advisory Team (CAT), a group of residents from communities neighboring IIPD property that provide input on future and ongoing IIPD projects. Additionally, Delta has finished preliminary modeling of treatment wetland impacts. The site prioritization results, expected stormwater impact metrics, and CAT input will inform a comprehensive feasibility study. The study will help determine project cost, viability, design, and impact for selected sites and provide recommendations for implementation. Delta’s efforts directly align with the IIPD’s planning, which seeks to modernize for beneficial economic, social, and environmental outcomes.


This RFP: Feasibility Study Consultant

Delta Institute is seeking a Consultant to conduct a Feasibility Study for the stormwater wetlands treatment at prioritized locations, with the IIPD and CMAP providing additional support. The feasibility study will provide IIPD with the necessary information to pursue future funding and implementation of treatment wetlands and other Green Infrastructure Best Management Practices (BMPs) on port property, a major priority in the IIPD Master Plan.

Scope of Feasibility Study Consulting Services 

  1. Existing Conditions Assessments for at least 3 wetland prioritized locations expanding on the site prioritization and identification process.

Timeline: April 30, 2024

Deliverable: Report: Perform necessary soil testing and topographic/hydrologic analysis in coordination with IIPD for property access.

  1. Cost-benefit analysis to explore the suitability and impact of selected areas for wetland areas within the project.

Timeline: May 31, 2024

Deliverable:1st Draft Report Study Document that covers existing conditions assessments, and cost-benefit analysis including methodology, tasks, and timelines.

3.Coordination with IIPD and the (CAT) Community Advisory Team.

Timeline: May 16, 2024 and June 15, 2024

Deliverable: Attending two (2) CAT meetings and PPT presentations of the findings for IIPD, stakeholders, and CAT members.

  1. Recommended improvements and preliminary design alternatives for achieving the suggested stormwater treatment in chosen wetland sites.
  1. A cost assessment and corresponding funding strategy.

Timeline: June 30, 2024

Deliverables: Final Draft Report of the Feasibility Study including recommendations, alternatives, and funding Strategy.

Supporting Documents

  1. Site Identification, selection, and prioritization method.
  2. Data Analysis and Mapping.


Requisite Experience

The selected consultant will have demonstrable experience in:

  • Conducting feasibility study research and analysis,
  • Providing expertise on stormwater wetland treatment projects.
  • Extensive experience working with public agencies, and community groups.

Relevant expertise includes conducting feasibility studies on brownfield wetland sites. The consultant must be specialized in ecological assessments and wetland mitigation design. Additional relevant professional certifications in stormwater operation, ecological restoration, and wetland science are preferred.



Proposal Requirements

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Overview of Bidder Qualifications
    • Staff Bios/Resumes
    • Relevant Project Experience
    • Examples of previous work.
  • Technical Approach for Feasibility Study
  • Management Approach for Activities and related Timelines


Evaluation Criteria

Delta will evaluate each proposal. Proposals will be evaluated on Bidder’s qualifications, technical approach, and relevant experience.




Total compensation of $35,000. This is inclusive of all consultant fees for compensation, travel, printing, materials, supplies, deliverables, or other expenses the consultant requires.

Anticipated Budget Breakdown

Activity                                                      Budget

1st Draft Study Report                                   $15,000

CAT PPT Presentation & meeting 1               $2,500

2nd Final Study Report                                  $15,000

CAT PPT Presentation & meeting 2               $2,500



Proposal Due Date: April 15, 2024

Please submit your complete submission as a PDF to delta@delta-institute.org.

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