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Collaborating with Chicago Communities to Develop Resident-Led Air Pollution Monitoring

05.17.17 | Announcements
An installed stationary monitor that is collecting ambient air quality data for the Shared Air Shared Action research project.

Chicago is a city that was built on factories, steel mills, refineries, and transportation. That history led to progress at the expense of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground on which we live. While coal power plants no longer operate in the city and much of the large, polluting factories have left, health concerns remain…More

Compost Facility Gets OK from Cook County

05.11.17 | In the News

This Daily Herald article quotes Delta’s support for a recently approved 25-acre composting facility in Cook County. Read and watch Eve Pytel’s full testimony here.

Delta Institute Testimony before Cook County Board regarding Patriot Acres LLC Compost Facility

05.10.17 | Announcements

Delta Institute presented the below statement before the Cook County Board with regard to the Patriot Acres LLC special use permit request. Good morning, my name is Eve Pytel, and I’m a director at Chicago-based environmental nonprofit Delta Institute. Delta Institute supports Patriot Acres’ special use permit request to operate an organic materials recycling facility, which will convert landscape trimmings…More

Driven Doer: Samuel Corona

05.09.17 | Announcements
Samuel at a community rally in 2015. Photo by Terry Evans.

This month, we are thrilled to continue our Driven Doer series with another passionate person committed to making the Great Lakes region environmentally sustainable and economically resilient! For May, Samuel Corona is our Driven Doer. Samuel is an activist for the Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF) who cares about clean air and eliminating industrial pollution in Chicago. What do you…More

From Scraps to Soil – Reducing Food Waste in Lansing’s Foodservice Industry

05.08.17 | Announcements

By Eric Lombardo Delta Institute Communications Intern Restaurants, grocery stores, and other consumer-facing businesses in the United States send 25 million tons of food waste to landfills annually according to ReFED, a food data group. This represents almost half of all food waste in the country and over $50 billion in lost economic value. Fortunately, compared to residential home waste,…More

Meet the 2017-2018 Delta Emerging Leaders

05.05.17 | Announcements

Delta is fortunate to have the passion and leadership of the Delta Emerging Leaders (DELs, for short) associate board. The DELs advance our vision of a more resilient Great Lakes region by expanding our network through events and initiatives like BOOST, a crowd-funded pitch fest that awards unrestricted grants to sustainability-focused, Chicago-based startups, and the annual Green Soapbox series. They…More