Our Networks and Partnerships

Delta Institute is fortunate to have a vast array of partners, practitioners, and networks who we collaborate with to collectively achieve our vision of a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable Midwest region.


The below partnerships are instrumental to our mission and impact, and we are grateful to be able to share space and learnings with the many talented persons / groups / coalitions mentioned below.

Please click to expand/collapse each area due to the volume of represented partnerships.

We also are always looking to grow and expand our understanding of the sector, so if there’s a group or convening that you feel Delta should be at, please let us know!

Click to Expand. Below are networks and membership coalitions that we participate in organizationally:

American Planning Association (APA), IL Chapter: The American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter is the official membership association for practicing urban planners in the State of Illinois. Delta staff are members, and have presented and attended workshops.

Edgewater Environmental Coalition (EEC). Chicago, IL: Neighborhood-based community collective who initiated a “Great Lakes Flooding Community Resilience” campaign. Delta attends community meetings.

Frontiers of Architectural Research Journal / Elsevier: An international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles, and case studies to promote rapid communication and exchange among scholars, architects, and engineers. Delta staff participate in research reviews and journal editing.

Illinois Environmental Council (IEC): Delta is a routine collaborator with the IEC on an array of conservation projects and convenings, as we collectively work to ensure clean air and water for Illinois communities.

Midwest Climate Collaborative (MCC): The MCC envisions a carbon neutral, climate resilient, interconnected Midwest region. Delta is a member and has presented at the MCC’s first-ever conference in 2023.

Women in Planning & Development (WP+D): WP+D provides opportunities for connection and professional growth to women at all stages of their career in urban planning, development, and related fields.    Delta staff are members, and some have previously served on WP+D’s Board of Directors.

Click to Expand. As part of our Nature-Based Climate Portfolio portfolio, Delta is currently engaging with and collaborating with the below groups and folx:

CommuniTree, led by NIRPC: In northwest Indiana, the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) and CommuniTree today to plant and care for thousands of trees throughout our region. Delta staff attend capacity building trainings, and participates in all activities as part of our management of the Northwest Tree Planting Consortium.

Conservation Finance Network: The Conservation Finance Network (CFN) advances land and resource conservation by expanding the use of innovative and effective funding and financing strategies. Delta is a network member and attends capacity building convenings and actively seeks out feedback from other members on innovative funding and financing models for our projects.

Chicago River Watershed Alliance: In 2020, Friends of the Chicago River initiated the Greater Chicago Watershed Alliance (originally established as the Chicago-Calumet River Watershed Council) to establish a forum that would result in collaboration around expanded watershed-based stormwater management using multi-benefit nature-based solutions. Delta is a member organization, ensuring that our many Chicago-area water quality-focused projects are aligned, complementary, and rooted in community. 

Chicago Wilderness Alliance: Regional collaborative working to implement landscape-scale approaches to conservation in and around the southern shores of Lake Michigan.  Delta staff attends monthly Urban Canopy team meetings with arborists and forestry professionals.

Resilient Infrastructure & Sustainable Communities (RISC): A cluster of public and private sector professionals focused on climate resiliency via delivery and finance of market-based green stormwater infrastructure across the Great Lakes region. Delta is a partner organization with scope including the facilitation and preparation of quarterly cluster meetings and other contracted services.

River Network: River Network strengthens organizations and leaders to improve and protect their waterways, create climate-resilient communities, and ensure equitable access to safe, affordable drinking water. Delta staff are on the Great Lakes Drinking Water Advocates Database and participates in trainings.

Storm Water Advisory Group (SWAG) of Michigan City (IN) Sanitary District: Delta serves as a nonprofit partner to facilitate and prepare quarterly meetings.

Trail Creek Partnership: This group helps manage water quality and restoration projects within the Trail Creek Watershed, which is located in northern Indiana’s LaPorte County, and drains into Lake Michigan at Michigan City’s marina. Delta staff participate in monthly meetings with the Michigan City (IN) Sanitary District.

Northwest Indiana Tree Planting Consortium of NWI: Delta is setting up this multi-municipal consortium to streamline the entire municipal planning process for urban canopy expansion and tree planning, planting, and stewardship.

Urban Waters Partnerships: The Urban Waters – NWI Partnership has been working to protect, restore, and revitalize urban waterways in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties. Co-led by the US Forest Service (USFS), National Park Service (NPS), and US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the NWI Urban Waters Partnership includes more than 70 local, state, and federal partners. Delta attends quarterly meetings and participates in regional planning discussions to ensure linkages between our many Northwest Indiana projects and the efforts of our collaborators and funders.

Click to Expand. As part of our Resilient Agriculture portfolio, Delta is currently engaging with and collaborating with the below groups and folx:

Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts: Convening Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) across all State of Illinois counties to share learnings, best practices, and collaborations. Our staff attend and participate in the annual meeting, as well as share and gain materials with member SWCDs.

Crop Science Society of America: Scientific and professional society of plant biologists and crop scientists exploring farm production. Delta attends and participates in trainings, ensuring that we adhere to new and innovative recommendations and learnings.

Illinois Healthy Soil and Waters Coalition: Coalition of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, soil health advocates, and environmental / stewardship organizations collectively advocating for State programs, investments, and policy efforts to protect land and soil. Delta attends coalition meetings, and participates in coalition efforts at the State level.

Illinois Grazing Lands Coalition (ILGLC): Group of agricultural organizations and farmers focused on use of grazing practices to address soil health and other regenerative methods. Delta attends routine meetings to listen and learn.

Michigan Agri-Business Association: Statewide association bringing together agricultural business-focused actors. Membership has grown to include many supporting sectors, including truck and rail transportation, utility services, law and accounting firms and insurance providers. Delta attends annual conferences and connects with regional partners as part of our Soil Health Land Valuation project efforts in Michigan.

Michigan State University, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources: The MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources uses science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business and creative design to tackle issues related to food, health and the environment. Delta is an organizational collaborator, and MSU is a project partner in our Soil Health Land Valuation project efforts in Michigan.

National Cooperative Soil Survey: One of the oldest national organizations committed to soil science, mapping, and analysis; is a component of USDA’s NRCS. Delta attends the NCSS annual conference and participates in working groups around Soil Health as part of our Soil Health Land Valuation and Appraisal methodology efforts.

North Central Region Soil Health Nexus: A university-led team dedicated to increasing access to research-based soil health knowledge, extension and resources. Delta attends monthly presentations and contributes to conversations centered on Soil Health research.

Pasture Project at the Wallace Center: Pasture Project works to advance regenerative grazing in the Upper Midwest as a scalable, market-driven solution for building healthy soils, viable farms, and resilient communities with farmers, land stewards, public agencies, and farm member-based organizations. Delta is a long-term programmatic partner on multiple projects focused on market-based conservation efforts on working lands.

Prairie Rivers Network: PRN is independent, state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation who protects and restores our rivers and returns healthy soils and diverse wildlife to our lands. Delta is a long-term programmatic partner on multiple projects focused on working lands conservation with water quality impacts.

RE-AMP: The RE-AMP Network is to set collective strategy and enable collaboration on climate solutions in the Midwest. Delta attends monthly meetings, and coordinates with members around work related to both GHG emissions reduction efforts and our Resilient Agriculture portfolio.

Regenerate Illinois: An inclusive statewide network that builds connections to foster powerful ideas and actions to shape a future where Illinois has a strong, representative, and resilient food system that is rooted in regenerative agriculture. Delta was a founding member and serves on the Leadership Council with multiple long-term organizational partners and collaborators.

Soil Science Society of America: Scientific and professional society of plant biologists and soil scientists exploring farm production; a sibling organization to the Crop Science Society of America. Delta attends and participates in trainings, ensuring that we adhere to new and innovative recommendations and learnings.

Soil and Water Conservation Society: SWCS is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization for those who practice and advance the science and art of natural resource conservation. Delta attends and participates in trainings, and incorporates recommendations and learnings from the Society and its members.

Don’t see your network or coalition listed above, but you’re talking to us and collaborating? So sorry we missed you, please email your main Delta staff contact so we can update this roster!


Thanks to everyone for your shared and collaborative efforts in the Midwest.

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