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Delta Institute works with communities throughout the Midwest to solve complex environmental challenges. We envision a region in which all communities and landscapes thrive through an integrated approach to environmental, economic, and social challenges. Since our founding in 1998, Delta Institute has worked throughout the Midwest, in both urban and rural communities.



Resiliency and Community Planning

Delta provides critical planning efforts for communities to identify economic, social, and environmental challenges, develop strategies to overcome them, and leverage community expertise assets and financial resources. Learn more >

Brownfields and Coal Plant Redevelopment

We work with communities to remediate vacant, polluted lands (commonly known as “brownfields”) through phytoremediation to then spur more sustainable redevelopment. A key component of our brownfields work involves Delta equipping communities with the tools they need as they redevelop closed—or closing—coal power plants. Learn more >

Deconstruction and Waste Reduction

Delta is leading efforts for recycling, reuse, and salvage—while creating economic development, new jobs, and diverting tons of materials from landfill. Learn more >

Green Infrastructure

Delta advances proactive stormwater management through green designs such as permeable pavements, bioswales, and stormwater tree plantings. Learn more >

Sustainable Buildings

Utilizing energy efficiency best practices and innovative approaches, we help our partners create vibrant and efficient spaces for people to live and work in. Learn more >

Land Stewardship

We expand conservation practices on public and private lands to preserve both natural and working landscapes throughout the Midwest. Learn more >

Regenerative Agriculture

Delta is creating marketplaces for regeneratively produced crops and piloting financial tools to better support farmers transitioning from conventional to regenerative practices. Learn more >

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