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There’s many ways to get involved with our environmental and economic efforts underway throughout the Midwest. Delta Institute hosts everything from informative webinars to fun events to project ribbon cutting ceremonies. We’d love to have you join us.

Join Our Board

Delta Institute’s Board of Directors provides a balanced approach to governance and oversight while actively managing and guiding all organizational facets. Board meetings occur quarterly, with Board-led committee meetings also occurring quarterly in adjacent months. All Directors sign membership agreements that cover governance and philanthropic requirements. In return, Delta Institute provides personal and professional fulfillment, networking, and the opportunity to help shape a dynamic regional nonprofit.

Become a Delta Emerging Leader

Delta Institute recruits emerging professionals to volunteer on our associate board, the Delta Emerging Leaders (DELs). The associate board, composed of up to 25 professionals from a wide array of sectors, collaboratively work to advance Delta’s mission by expanding our network of supporters, donors, and partners through events and initiatives that engage new and diverse audiences. The DELs’ recruitment cycle takes place each spring for one-year, renewable terms beginning July 1. Questions about joining the DELs? Please click here to email us or click the link below to learn more.

Careers and Internships

Full-time & part-time


Delta Institute is undertaking a fundamental incorporation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all recruitment efforts for staff, as well as for our governing and associate boards. We welcome learning more about organizational leaders who have diverse experience and a keen focus on equity and inclusion in their leadership. Please read more about our commitment to DEI.

Lead, Programs Strategy

Lead, Program Strategy, will provide leadership and vison to Delta’s strategic initiatives with a focus on developing concepts and funding strategies to meet our impact objectives. Leads provide deep technical, analytical and project development leadership across Delta’s strategic priority areas. A Lead manages ideation, concepting, proposal development along with coordinated related research and relationship management in partnership with other Programs hive staff and leadership.

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