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Our Sustainability and Support Services

Delta Institute prides itself on being responsive to the needs of its partners and responding to what they define as being the most important goal, activity, project, or taking a new approach to improving their local environmental and economic outcomes.

Our Sustainability and Support Services are designed to respond to invitations to participate in community-led plans, which include a wide array of sectors in which Delta Institute has sizable experience. We forecast that by 2025, Delta Institute will work with more than 250 partner communities while securing $40 million in external investment and creating 100 practical tools, resources, strategies, and municipal-, county-, and state-level plans.

Our partners span the public, nonprofit and for-profit sectors, and together we address core needs that span:

Resiliency and Community Planning

Agency Support and Capacity Assistance

Brownfields and Coal Plant Redevelopment

Deconstruction and Waste Reduction Business

Sustainability Planning & Certification Assistance

Municipal Resiliency and Community Planning

Delta has extensive experience in facilitating community-driven sustainability planning, working one-on-one with local and regional stakeholders to foster collaboration and problem solving and to facilitate an inclusive and open-minded regional dialogue around each community’s unique priorities. Our approach seeks to build partner agency to engage in sustainable development, collaborate with local changemakers, and create tools that are accessible and user-friendly, ultimately helping improve environmental and economic outcomes as communities plan for their neighborhood’s environmental and economic health.

Sustainable Business Consulting

Delta works with businesses across commercial and industrial sectors to help them understand and report their environmental and community impact, become more sustainable, and evaluate new markets for their products and services. This includes a host of planning, consulting, and technical assistance services. Delta’s vision for the Midwest includes helping for profit partners reduce their footprint, please contact us to learn more.

Deconstruction Planning and Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is one of Delta’s longstanding service areas. We work on waste from the regional level—through county-wide and municipal waste planning and policy development to site-specific solutions in facilities to address their material challenges.

Delta Institute has expertise in multiple waste and materials types including: municipal solid waste; construction and demolition waste; household hazardous waste including electronics; biomass; and wastewater management.

Delta serves local governments such as counties and cities, and works with businesses, industries, and institutions to reduce waste and, where possible, transform environmental liabilities to economic assets.

Green Infrastructure, Stormwater Management, and Flood Reduction

Delta collaborates with communities in developing and implementing green infrastructure (GI) plans to help them reduce economic risks and costs from improper stormwater management while also improving local environmental quality and quality of life. We use our technical, planning, and engagement expertise to enable communities to overcome barriers to widespread use of GI. We achieve this by empowering local practitioners to cost-effectively plan, install, and maintain GI solutions as well as by creating tools that are accessible and user-friendly, including resources and case studies that community members can use to solve their community’s complex environmental challenges.

Brownfields and Coal Plant Redevelopment

Delta uses community engagement and facilitation techniques developed from working with communities for the last twenty years to lend capacity and strategic support for brownfield site re-use, partnering with municipalities, environmental consultants, community groups and state environmental authorities to gather, analyze, and position members of the local community to inform collaborative and transparent decision making.

Featured Projects

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Nature-Based Climate Solutions

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Aerial view of Harborside Marsh Pond, alongside Lake Calumet
Nature-Based Climate Solutions

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Resilient Agriculture

Soil Health-focused Land Valuation Market Research in Illinois

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Expanding and Stewarding Regional Forest Canopy via a Tree Planting Consortium in Northwest Indiana

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