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BOOST is a live, crowd-funded pitch fest in support of energy, ecosystem, and waste innovations in Chicago.


Social Entrepreneurs with unique and innovative projects apply to pitch their concepts to a live audience at the BOOST event. Audience members vote with their dollars (ticket contributions) to determine the winning innovators. Winners split the BOOST grant - funds raised by the Delta Emerging Leaders - as well as the night's ticket sales to fund their business projects. Last year, BOOST grants totaled roughly $3,000 to each of the two winners.

This community-driven approach to financing social ventures overcomes a funding barrier for local entrepreneurs and engages hundreds of people to directly invest in the future of Chicago. Past winners have used BOOST funds to bring a waste compost club and backyard farming business to scale.


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BOOST Live Funding Night, November 2014

We are looking for new partnerships to expand our capacity and increase the BOOST Fund for this year’s winning social ventures. All contributions are tax deductible and go directly to the winning social entrepreneur(s). E-mail to partner with us.


2013 BOOST Pitch Finalists:

Seva Ghandi — Accelerate 77*
Alex Poltorak — Urban Canopy*

Paige Humecki — Chicago Biodigesters
Ally Brisbin and Carla Bruni— Community Glue
Heidi Joynt — Field and Florist


2012 BOOST Pitch Finalists

Todd Jones — Every Last Morsel*
Seneca Kern — WeFarm*

Vanessa Smith — Health as Wealth
Amanda Medress — Storybooks for Sustainability
John Edel — The Plant

*Winning BOOST crowd-funded projects

Do you think your social venture is ready to be pitched? Applications are now open for BOOST 2014!

2014 BOOST Application


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