Creating a more resilient home for all Midwesterners.

Delta Institute collaborates with communities to solve complex environmental challenges throughout the Midwest. We address Midwestern environmental, economic, and climate challenges today, so that our home and region are more resilient, equitable, and innovative tomorrow.

Our Impact

Through our work, Delta Institute benefits more than five million Midwesterners by transitioning one million acres to conservation- focused practices, and by improving water quality and reducing flooding by capturing 100 million stormwater gallons. By 2025 we will achieve these goals through our agriculture, climate, water, and community development projects.

This is what a more resilient, equitable, and innovative Midwest looks like.


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What We Do

Delta Institute’s three programmatic pillars are strategically designed to create a more resilient,
innovative, and equitable Midwest—for everyone.

Nature Based
Climate Solutions

Our Strategic Goals: 100M Stormwater Gallons Captured/Treated and $100M Invested in Municipal Green Infrastructure


Our Strategic Goals: ​1,000 Farmers Supported and 1M Acres Transitioned into Regenerative- and Conservation-Focused Practices

& Support Services

Our Strategic Goals: $40M of External Investments in Communities and 100 Resources Created for our Partners

Featured Projects

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Restoring The Duck Creek Tributary In Northwest Indiana

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Expanding and Stewarding Regional Forest Canopy via a Tree Planting Consortium in Northwest Indiana

Photo of Herrick Lake
Sustainability and Support Services

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County – Developing a Clean Energy, Resiliency, and Sustainability Plan

Resilient Agriculture

Expanding Grass-Fed Beef Market Drivers in the Greater Chicago Foodshed

Sustainability and Support Services

Community-Led Planning to Reduce Shoreline Flooding in the South Shore Neighborhood of Chicago

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