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Resilient Agriculture

Delta Institute supports 1,000 farmers as they transition to sustainable and regenerative practices, thus improving the environment, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and strengthening a farmer’s bottom line. We forecast that by 2025, one million Midwestern agricultural acres will successfully transition to conservation-focused farming practices, so our region’s primary economic driver can be more environmentally and financially sound.

We’re expanding conservation in the Midwestern agricultural economy by focusing on:

Soil Health

Farmland Valuation and Appraisal

Conservation-Focused Farming Practices

Carbon Sequestration

Featured Projects

Resilient Agriculture

Soil Health-focused Land Valuation Market Research in Illinois

Resilient Agriculture

Institutionalizing Soil Health Land Valuation in Michigan

Resilient Agriculture

Conservation Hotspot Analysis in Illinois

Resilient Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture and Business Planning / Strategy at Zumwalt Acres in East Central Illinois

Resilient Agriculture

Expanding Grass-Fed Beef Market Drivers in the Greater Chicago Foodshed

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