Notable News

Gary officials hope demolition in key blocks will trigger neighborhood rebirth

05.27.14 | In the News

This article, in the Post-Tribune, discusses a plan for the demolition of many abandoned houses across Gary, IN, in an effort remove blight, and to spur redevelopment in the city. The article highlights the efforts of Delta Institute in supporting the city’s application for funding from the state.

Putting Waste “On The Table”

05.13.14 | Announcements

On Monday, May 12, more than 11,000 Chicagoans gathered over lunch and dinner tables across the city to exchange ideas for the future of Chicago, as part of  The Chicago Community Trust’s “On The Table” campaign. Delta Institute co-hosted an “On The Table” lunch with our friends at Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition to talk about something that isn’t often discussed in polite company … waste….More

Rebuilding Exchange Welcomes Mary Trieschmann as New Executive Director

05.02.14 | Announcements

The Rebuilding Exchange (RX) Board of Directors and Delta Institute are pleased to announce that Mary Trieschmann has been named Executive Director of the Rebuilding Exchange. Trieschmann will lead the RX in its efforts to create a strong local market for reclaimed building materials by diverting valuable material from landfill and making it available for reuse through its retail warehouse….More


05.01.14 | BOOST

2019 BOOST Finalists: Block Bins* Chicago Tool Library Community Charging Lillian Augusta* Star Farm Chicago Market and Garden Center 2018 BOOST Finalists: KitcheNet* BareItAll Petfoods Four Star Family Cyclery 2017 BOOST Finalists: Great Lakes Yard* Chicago Eco House* Slow Roll Chicago Out Our Front Door Mighty 2016 BOOST Finalists: Bike A Bee* Touch Light Innovations* Resketch PBR (Personal Bike Routing)…More