Announcing the Winner of BOOST 2020!

Presenting the winner of Delta Institute’s 9th annual BOOST event!

BOOST is a platform for early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative products and services to provide sustainable change in the Midwest. BOOST 2020 is a virtual showcase, welcoming hundreds of supporters to participate in selecting this year’s winners. BOOST is hosted by the Delta Emerging Leaders, the official associate board of Delta Institute. Thank you to all of this year’s finalists, including Chicago Environmental Educators, Dynamhex, Mycocycle, and Zumwalt Acres!

BOOST 2020 is generously sponsored by People’s Gas, RW Ventures, Carbon Yield, Nanci Garoon Leigner, Walter S. Mander Foundation, 8 Rivers, Chicago Leadership Alliance, Loyola University Chicago School of Environmental Sustainability, and Wolfe Computer Associates, Inc.

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