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St. Louis Deconstruction Market Assessment

Delta Institute is an expert with construction and demolition waste reduction, recycling, reuse, policy and economic development. The City of St. Louis, St. Louis Development Corporation, the Missouri Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority, and Region 7 EPA selected Delta Institute to revise its demolition handbook, develop specifications for deconstruction, train contractors around building material reuse, and plan a deconstruction pilot program. The City of St. Louis has leveraged Delta’s support to advance a multi-partner strategy to reduce waste from demolition, reuse building materials, and protect public health.

Demystifying Waste: Midwestern Building Material Markets

Collaborating with Midwest communities to aid their waste reduction efforts is one of Delta’s core initiatives—leading to this report released with support from the EPA and the Building Material Reuse Association. The report provides data to the private and public sector to decrease the disposal rate of reusable materials—and save these valuable supplies from landfills—and increase the capacity of local and state governments to adopt policies encouraging building material reuse and recycling with the recognition of local economic benefits.

Storywood: Utilizing Reclaimed and Unique Wood in Design and Architecture

Every material has a story, and wood is no different. Be it wood sourced from a local gymnasium’s floor, wood from a fallen tree, or wood grown on contaminated land as a remediation tool – it has a story with unique, marketable features. Designers, architects, and developers use the StoryWood Toolkit to identify, evaluate, and share information on various types of wood. We intend to provide Midwest design and architectural firms with a competitive advantage in the building material reuse, architectural salvage, and antique lumber marketplace–while reducing the amount of raw materials sent to landfill.

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