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Coal in the US: Policy Responses to an Industry in Decline

With funding provided by the Just Transition Fund, Delta Institute evaluated and analyized policy approaches to help communities facing the closure of their local coal plant. As power plants continue to go offline and coal mines close, communities that house these facilities are faced with the challenge of planning for the remediation and reuse of their brownfield site, retraining displaced workers, and filling the hole in their community’s tax base.

In Transition: Stories from Coal Plant Communities

So often the voice of communities facing closure or the recent loss of their coal plant and the related jobs, tax base, and overall economic driver for their locality is lost–or diminished by the voices of others who are not directly affected by the coal industry’s decline. Delta Institute engaged with communities nationwide to learn more about their realities, impacts, and visions for their future–one that is vibrant and prosperous for their municipality, coal plant workers, their families, and coal companies themselves.

Waste Management Toolkit

This overview illustrates best practices for waste management procurement and provides questions that will help municipalities achieve some or all of the best practice components. These recommendations should supplement your community’s standard procurement process and any existing local constraints, and offer suggestions and modifications to address the unique needs of a waste hauler contractual relationship.

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