Delta Identifies Strategies to Strengthen Nonprofit-led Social Enterprise

Nonprofit-led social enterprises (NPSE) in Illinois are leading the way through the sale of goods and services in mission-driven sectors like youth development and materials reuse. They generate funds that allow nonprofits to accomplish their missions and make an impact in the communities they serve.

However, not all NPSE are thriving. Given the unstable state funding landscape and competition in the marketplace, some NPSE continue to struggle.

NPSE need to continue to strengthen their finances, operations, and growth strategies. Delta Institute’s Eve Pytel addresses this need and discussed recommendations that can empower NPSE in Illinois in the recent article, “Key Strategies for Viable Nonprofit-led Social Enterprise.”

Written for nonprofit and social enterprise leaders, funders, and government officials in Illinois, the article describes the inherent challenges NPSE face, and how they can plan for success. It also shows how each stakeholder group can better position the social impact sector for success through economic advantages such as grant opportunities, development offerings such as training programs, and partnerships such as resource-sharing initiatives. With strategic support and collaboration, the sector can bolster the NPSE landscape and empower these important organizations to address some of society’s most challenging problems.

Read “Key Strategies for Viable Nonprofit-led Social Enterprise” for research, findings, and recommendations.

In 2015, Delta partnered with Forefront to better understand the current state of NPSE in Illinois and produced the report, “Current Conditions for the Nonprofit-led Social Enterprise Community in Illinois.” The findings from this report informed “Key Strategies for Viable Nonprofit-led Social Enterprise.”

This article was also featured in a special edition of Social Innovations Journal, Chicago’s Social Innovations, Enterprise, and Public/Private Partnerships. 

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