Delta Institute to Lead Regional Forum on Critical Lake Michigan Environmental Issues

Delta Institute CEO Jean Pogge announced today that Delta was awarded funding from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to implement the Lake Michigan Forum and Watershed Academy (LMFWA) in 2014. The Forum and Watershed Academy are critical links between government, academia, regional planners, industry, and public stakeholders throughout the Lake Michigan basin, enabling these groups to share information and coordinate action to restore and protect the integrity of Lake Michigan. The LMFWA recognizes that every resident of the Lake Michigan Basin is a Lake Michigan Manager and thus, continually seeks opportunities to increase the number and diversity of stakeholders involved in the Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP) process.

“Delta is proud to lead the Lake Michigan Forum and Watershed Academy, which is an exceptional channel for public engagement around the most pressing issues facing the Lake Michigan basin,” said Pogge. “Leveraging Delta’s deep experience in stakeholder facilitation and technical expertise with the passion and commitment of our many partners, the LMFWA will translate constructive dialogues into strategic action to build a more resilient Lake Michigan landscape.”

Over the next year, the LMFWA will catalyze ecosystem stewardship and citizen involvement by creating a foundational approach that disseminates high quality information on current and emerging issues, such as water quality, biodiversity, nearshore habitat restoration, climate change adaptation and resilience, land use change and industrial development. The Forum and Watershed Academy will launch a campaign that targets diverse groups of citizens and stakeholders to increase awareness of the inherent value of the Lake Michigan and catalyze individual and collective action toward implementation of Lake Michigan LAMP priorities.

For more information about the Lake Michigan Forum and opportunities to provide input, please visit or

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