Gary Green Infrastructure Plan

This month, the Gary Green Infrastructure Plan concludes after two years of Delta Institute assisting the City of Gary, Indiana with their green infrastructure strategies. Through Delta’s long-standing partnership with the Gary, together, we aim to improve public health and the quality of life for residents.  

As part of Delta’s efforts, Gary received tools – such as the Green Infrastructure Mapping Tool – and various recommendations, such as how to: 

  • identify and protect natural areas, 
  • reduce flooding and stormwater runoff pollution,
  • eliminate blight and manage vacant land, and
  • balance different land uses

“Many Midwestern cities, like Gary, are challenged with vacant land and aging sewers, but they have the opportunity to incorporate green infrastructure into the redevelopment process as a strategy for better managing stormwater, stabilizing neighborhoods, and enhancing the environment,” said Jack Eskin, Senior Programs Specialist at Delta Institute. “By looking strategically at where to locate green infrastructure, we can make the greatest impact in terms of stormwater management and community benefits.”

Gary, Indiana City Hall

Delta Institute also helps the City of Gary balance environmental protection with the redevelopment of vacant sites through its Green Infrastructure Zoning Ordinance. Zoning is a key tool that municipalities can use to create environmentally sensitive development projects.

Our project partners include the City of Gary, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Dynamo Metrics. Funding was provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Lake Michigan Coastal Program, and the Gary Redevelopment Commission. 

Aerial photo of downtown Gary, Indiana with Chicago Skyline

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