Planting Tomorrow’s Midwest

Indeed, this year’s Arbor Day probably feels different for many of us. We’ve had to put some of our work on hold until we can come together again for more community meetings and tree plantings. But when we do get back out there, we will be hard at work in planting the trees of tomorrow’s Midwest.

It may seem like the act of planting a tree is the furthest from everyone’s mind—and understandably so. But as our world copes with COVID-19 and we start to return to “normal” (though we don’t know when), we still need to think about the future. In fact, I find that since many of us now find ourselves taking more walks outdoors than we might normally do, we are connecting back to our neighborhoods and local environments with a new perspective. And one of the best ways to connect further and invest a healthier future is by planting the trees of tomorrow.

Here at Delta, our favorite tree is the resilient Poplar tree. Not only are Poplars among nature’s most effective tools to use prevent flooding, but some varieties also help remove contamination from the soil. These are some of the reasons why Delta has been planting Poplars throughout the Midwest for years now!

We are currently working with community advocates and municipal leaders in Western Michigan to plant 700 trees in Oceana County.

To date, Delta has planted upwards of 11,000 trees in the Midwest. These plantings focus on building long-term community resilience against flooding, equitable access to green space, and improvements to local water and air quality.

For each $150 donation we receive, Delta can underwrite the cost of planting and caring for one Poplar tree, each with the potential to reduce thousands of gallons of stormwater flooding over its lifetime while also revitalizing and beautifying the community. Please join us by marking tomorrow’s Arbor Day with a tax-deductible contribution to build a more resilient landscape for communities across the Midwest.

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