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Gary to hire consultants for green plan

This Post-Tribune article reports on the Gary Redevelopment Commission's decision to award contracts to three organizations that are advising the city on deconstruction of abandoned homes. Among them is Delta Insitute, who devised the initial deconstruction plan. Read...

Bringing Small Grains into Chicago and the “Local Food” Conversation

Bringing Small Grains into Chicago and the “Local Food” Conversation

-Ben Shorofsky, Programs Specialist at Delta Institute Grains and beans represent a significant portion of our food system, but they are relatively new to the local food conversation. Delta Institute is proud to be part of a collaborative effort aimed at bringing...

Program helps restaurants turn food scraps into compost

This story from Lansing-based Fox28 highlights the launch of a food scraps pilot program that Delta is leading in partnership with the city's Live Green Lansing initiative and Hammond Farms. The program is funded by the Michigan Department f Environmental Quality.

From Brownfield to Beauty

From Brownfield to Beauty

How do we use trees to clean up soil? With funding from the U.S. Forest Service, we made a video that shows you how we've transformed 11 acres of vacant brownfields in Muskegon, MI into urban tree farms using fast-growing poplar trees that clean up soil while...

“Steel City Salvage” at work in Gary, IN

In this radio segment, Lakeshore Public Radio's Chris Nolte interviews Delta's Eve Pytel about our Steel City Salvage project, funded by the 2016 Knight Cities Challenge.

Rust Belt Cities Go Green to Aid Urban Revival

This Green Building Advisor blog post discusses the strategies that rust belt cities are experimenting with in order to deal with disinvestment. Delta's Knight Foundation funded materials reuse facility was highlighted.

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