Cheney Run Wetland Creation, Stormwater Design and Installation in Michigan City, Indiana

Delta has enjoyed a long-term partnership with the Sanitary District of Michigan City and the Alliance for the Great Lakes to fund stormwater, ecological restoration, and recreation improvements at Michigan City’s Cheney Run. A 40-acre site surrounded by wetlands, Cheney Run is a primary source of stormwater-related pollution that ends up in Trail Creek, a major tributary that feeds into Lake Michigan. 

The partnership focuses on implementing improvements that reduce the amount of pollution transferred from Cheney Run to Trail Creek, restoring the wetlands, and creating trails on site for residents. Having assisted with grant procurement, contractor procurement, and project management, Delta helped oversee the completion of a feasibility study, a revised design concept, and completed engineering and construction on site.

Our work focuses on implementing improvements that reduce local water pollution, restore the wetlands, and create trails for residents. We estimate the capture and treatment of 37.5 million gallons of stormwater annually to prevent pollutants from discharging into Lake Michigan.

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