Financing Regenerative Agriculture: Wisconsin Pilot


Brief Overview of What We’re Doing

Delta designed new soil-health loan vehicles to allow farmers to more easily transition to regenerative agricultural practices. We have 5 loans underway in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, and are seeking to scale in the year(s) ahead. Our project is enabling investments in—and therefore increasing the scale of—regenerative agriculture. We are engaging partners across the capital landscape to address barriers to investing, strengthen the business case for investment, develop tools that will improve investor literacy and accelerate deal flow, and demonstrate its innovative approach in Wisconsin as a pilot. The Wisconsin pilot is focused on building the investment case for the expansion of regenerative diversified small grains production and processing within the NRCS Driftless Area Landscape Conservation Initiative.

This work is part of a comprehensive approach to tie market-based financial drivers to the adoption of conservation practices on working farms throughout the Midwest.


This program was funded by the Mississippi River Program at the McKnight Foundation.

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