Economic Equity via Community-Led Redevelopment in Little Village, a Chicago Prize Finalist Project


Brief Overview of What We’re Doing

Centro de Solidaridad Mi Villita: A collaborative of environmental justice and community organizations working to increase economic empowerment, racial equity, and food access in Little Village—impacting (hundreds of) thousands of Chicagoans.

Through a robust partnership between the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) and Delta Institute, our initiative will create a new community hub, called the Centro de Solidaridad Mi Villita, that will provide the local neighborhood with the means to create a robust local economy based on solidarity and self-determination.

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Little Village: Home to 100,000+ Chicagoans

Environmental Justice communities must have the resources and culturally relevant opportunities to participate in policy and revitalization processes that reverse environmental degradation, wealth inequity, and resident displacement. Our programmatic approach builds on these visions to create a solidarity economy that keeps dollars local and displacement at bay. Please support our inclusive economic development efforts in Little Village.

With the goal of promoting economic development, revitalization and environmental justice in the community, Delta and LVEJO initiated a two-year partnership in 2013 to create the Little Village Vacant Property and Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy for redevelopment of brownfields—which directly leads and informs our partnership and efforts today.


Please explore our vision for Little Village, and join us today in our efforts provide more than 100,000 Chicagoans with expanded equity, access, and resiliency.


Contact Information

Our team is actively seeking investment in this transformative project, which has the potential of spurring $1M+ in annual revenue for community members. Please contact us if you would like to review our proposal, cost analysis, or case statement documents.





This project was a Finalist for the first Chicago Prize, the $10M award competition held in 2020 by the Pritzker Traubert Foundation, and although we did not win the competition, we remain committed to a sustainable future for Little Village. Since we were a Chicago Prize Finalist, our project is part of the Bold Solutions Network, an initiative of Lever for Change, a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation affiliate.

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