Reimagining the Closed Shenango Coke Plant Site outside Pittsburgh, PA

Delta Institute has worked with numerous communities who are faced with a closed–or closing–coal power plant. These sites have unique needs for redevelopment, ranging from environmental remediation to replacement of lost tax revenue and jobs. Delta facilitated a coalition of community groups located outside Pittsburgh, PA to create Guiding Principles for sustainable redevelopment of the closed Shenango Coke Plant property located on Neville Island, located on the Ohio River. 

Intended for use by future developers of the 50-acre site, these Guiding Principles were created by the Shenango Reimagined Advisory Council, composed of citizens, environmental groups, economic development agencies, and municipalities. These efforts were facilitated by Delta staff. The revisioning process also identified 20 site reuse ideas that are in alignment with Guiding Principles and market forces. These opportunities ranged from light- to heavy- industrial use, as well as specialty manufacturing, including recommendations such as a commercial bakery, equipment or electronics assembly, brewery, or sheet metal fabrication. All recommendations were based on market analysis, with an emphasis on generating tax revenue and adding jobs to the local economy while minimizing or eliminating any potential negative environmental impacts.

Please read our Shenango Reimagined report, and contact us with any questions you may have about our coal power plant redevelopment efforts.

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