Statement from Bill Schleizer on President Trump’s call to leave Paris climate agreement

UPDATE: We sent this letter to our followers on Friday, June 2, 2017, the day after President Trump announced that the U.S. will exit the Paris climate agreement.

With climate change impacts, threats, and strained resources, we can no longer deny the urgent need to address the problems that our communities and landscapes face. At Delta, we see the consequences of inaction and status quo thinking in the Great Lakes region every day. We recognize that this is a time to team up and tackle these complex issues, not back down.

Stepping away from the Paris climate agreement, a historic document that brings together our diverse world toward a common goal, would be antithetical to our organization’s mission. Partnership is central to Delta’s approach— and with the complexity of the challenges we face, collaboration is an absolute necessity.

If the U.S. goes it alone, we would lose out on economic opportunity and continue to exhaust our finite resources. And as a global leader and the world’s 2nd largest GHG polluter, we need to be at the global table, finding creative ways of planning and doing, and accounting for the impact our decisions have on our vulnerable planet and people.

Join us in voicing your support for addressing climate change and partnering with communities and cities as they continue to be on the front lines of addressing climate impacts.

          – Bill Schleizer, Delta Institute CEO

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