Support These Community Organizations on Chicago’s South and Southwest Sides

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What we are seeing now—and numerous other times in U.S. history—is a collective response to systemic injustice, and the desire to amplify the voice of those who have been silenced and subjugated. As a collaborative partner in the fight to reverse inequity, particularly with how communities interact with their land, built environment, and natural resources, Delta has developed close relationships with many organizations doing important work in front line communities. As our country starts to embrace these challenging issues of structural racism, Delta has focused on amplifying our partners’ messages and directing donors to those institutions.

Please donate to and learn more about an array of community-focused organizations doing vital work throughout Chicago’s South and Southwest Sides:

There are many, many other community organizations doing essential restorative justice and equity work. Please do what you can to help us all achieve a more just, inclusive, and safe environment.


Updated August 17, 2020.

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