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Congratulations on Retirement, Willie Winters!

09.13.18 | Announcements

Delta Institute is pleased to recognize Willie Winters by thanking him for his many years of collaboration and friendship. We congratulate Winters on his retirement from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office RENEW program. Winters contacted Delta Institute in 2013 to discuss a deconstruction program for Cook County Jail post-release participants. Through Winters’ passion and resourcefulness, the RENEW program was created….More

Deconstruction and Building Material Reuse Webinar

07.12.18 |

Learn about deconstruction and building material reuse with Eve Pytel, Programs Director at Delta Institute on Thursday, July 12th from 1 – 2 PM CT. Eve will introduce you to deconstruction for government, economic development professionals and other practitioners and provide you with an overview of Delta Institute’s recently released deconstruction tool guide (what the tools are and how to use…More

7 Steps to Design A Municipal Deconstruction Pilot Project

06.12.18 | Announcements

By Megan Walton An alternative to demolition, deconstruction is the process of dismantling homes or other structures in a way that enables materials to be salvaged and reused. Deconstruction practices reduce construction and demolition waste, reduce air pollution created by demolition, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, abate the need for new landfills and incinerators, preserve resources, save energy by decreasing the…More

Go Gary Project Tour

11.04.17 |

Please plan to join us for a tour of our Gary-collaborations, including stops at a poplar tree farm and the Steel City Salvage Pop-Up Shop.

Western Pa.’s coal site ‘monstrosities’ re-envisioned

08.22.16 | In the News

TribLive discloses former Pennsylvania coal plant sites are leaning towards a couple options for community revitalization. Standing plants are either utilized for natural gas production, or demolished for redevelopment. A 2014 Delta Institute report on plant closer to redevelopment is cited. Read More.

Extracting Value through Deconstruction

08.06.15 | Announcements

Communities throughout the country are removing vacant and blighted homes. These empty homes may be rich with assets that can yield economic, community, and environmental benefits for each community. Through deconstruction up to 25% of materials in a home can be reused instead of being sent to a landfill. The process which can be done in as little as 1…More