William (Bill) Schleizer

As CEO, Bill drives strategy behind Delta’s collaboration with more than 180 communities in Chicago and throughout the Midwest to solve environmental challenges and spur economic development. He balances high-level decision-making with tactical implementation. Further, he sets an authentic and inclusive culture, including personally engaging with all staff consistently. Bill’s accomplishments include: Working with 1,400 farmers and foresters to reduce climate change impacts; Implementation planning for the Chicago Climate Action Plan—focusing on residential and commercial energy efficiency mitigation strategies that most impact greenhouse gas emissions; Helping establish the Michigan Saves program, an energy efficiency loan program that has $160M in its loan portfolio; and incepting a venture decision framework to spin off and scale initiatives. He has over 20 years of experience in systems analysis, environmental science, and consulting. He earned his BS in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology and Environmental Studies from Tulane University and his MS in Environmental Analysis and Decision Making from Rice University. He is a 2019 Notable LGBTQ Executive for Crains Chicago Business.

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