BOOST 2021: Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

BOOST 2021: Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

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BOOST is a platform for early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative products and services to provide sustainable change in the Midwest. BOOST is hosted by the Delta Emerging Leaders, the official associate board of Delta Institute.

How does BOOST work?

On November 9, four or five emerging entrepreneurs will share their ideas for new sustainability start-ups in short, pre-recorded videos. Next, hundreds of supporters who register for the event will vote virtually to determine this year’s winners. The winner will be announced one week later on November 16; they will be awarded with a $5,000 grant to further develop their innovation. All remaining proceeds from the event support the work of Delta Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit. Registrations, contributions, and sponsorships for the event are tax-deductible.

Please enjoy the recording of BOOST 2021 below

Meet the Finalists!

This year’s entrepreneurs are working to support the following start-ups:

  • Chicago Tool Library – The Chicago Tool Library is like a book library – but for tools! They lend you tools for home repairs, gardening, sewing, cooking, and more so you don’t have to buy them. Why buy when you can borrow? It’s better for the planet, better for your budget, and better for the community.
  • Community Charging Initiative – The Community Charging Initiative leverages the sharing economy and existing neighborhood infrastructure to build EV chargers. They recruit small commercial sites in Chicago neighborhoods that have parking spaces to host community chargers.
  • Qilo Watt, Inc. – Qilo empowers residential electricity consumers with straightforward data to save money, reduce pollution, encourage sustainable energy sources, create a more efficient grid, and promote equity through a fairer distribution of costs all at the same time.
  • Tinyshop – Tinyshop is an organic, zero waste grocer with 100% returnable packaging. This circular system offers Chicagoans a convenient, low impact shopping experience to shift away from our current disposable culture.




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