A Thriving Midwest: Spring 2021

A Thriving Midwest: Spring 2021

A Thriving Midwest in Spring 2021

Spring is entering full bloom here in the Midwest, and we are taking the season as an opportunity to appreciate our region’s beauty, natural resources, and the communities that help the Midwest thrive. Ultimately—even through all the uncertainty many of us have experienced this past year—I feel that we are still advancing our goals toward building a stronger, more resilient future for a thriving Midwest.

Thanks to Delta’s many partners, funders, and supporters, we are happy to see us making significant impacts in our partners’ communities. There are many projects, impact figures, and goals to list, but below are a few of our favorites. With your support, we have reached some pretty noteworthy milestones, including:

Number of community-based partners with whom Delta has collaborated over the past two years

Number of acres impacted with conservation and land stewardship tools over the past two years

Number of bricks identified that could be salvaged and diverted away from landfills as part of our St. Louis Deconstruction Pilot, plus 10 million board feet of lumber

Number of new job opportunities identified in each Upper Midwestern state as part of Delta’s Demystifying Potential Midwestern Building Material Markets

Number of trees planted at a Gary brownfield site to soak up excess stormwater and soil-based toxins

Number of tons of sediment reduced annually in Michigan’s Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed, significantly improving the water quality

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