BOOST 2020: The Midwest’s Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

BOOST 2020: The Midwest’s Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

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BOOST is a platform for early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative products and services to provide sustainable change in the Midwest. BOOST 2020 was a virtual showcase, welcoming hundreds of supporters to participate in selecting this year’s winners. BOOST is hosted by the Delta Emerging Leaders, the official associate board of Delta Institute. Thank you to all of this year’s finalists, including Chicago Environmental Educators, Dynamhex, Mycocycle, and Zumwalt Acres!

Join us again at the next BOOST in November 2021!

    To watch the full BOOST 2020 presentation, including pitches from all four of this year’s finalists, enjoy the recording below on our YouTube channel.

    BOOST 2020 finalists include:

    • Chicago Environmental Educators: The purpose of this group is to create a supportive network for Chicago educators who teach science and environmental science in the formal classroom setting. The mission is to share scientific resources while addressing environmental justice issues in the community.
    • Dynamhex.: Dynamhex helps communities quickly measure their total carbon footprint and devise solutions and empower climate action to reduce emissions over time.
    • Mycocycle: Got trash? Mycocycle has trained mushrooms to eat asphalt and other toxic materials: diverting from landfill and creating post-use opportunities.
    • Zumwalt Acres: Zumwalt Acres is a regenerative agriculture initiative in Sheldon, IL dedicated to restoring the soil and combating climate change. They focus on agroforestry, biochar, and natural soil amendments to develop a cost-effective, replicable, and carbon-negative model farm.



    Nanci Garoon

    Walter S. Mander Foundation


    8 Rivers

    Chicago Leadership Alliance

    Loyola University Chicago School of Environmental Sustainability

    Wolfe Computer Associates, Inc.

    Some of our recent BOOST winners …

    BOOST 2019 Winner: Block Bins

    Block Bins provides food scrap recycling bins to Chicago residents so that neighbors can share bins to reduce cost and clutter. In the news: Block Club Chicago – Meet the new bin on the block, here to help clean your plate and save the planet

    BOOST 2018 Winner: KitcheNet

    Founded in 2017, KitcheNet is increasing the accessibility and affordability of local, high quality produce in the south side and west side of Chicago. Read our 2020 interview and update with founder Trista Li on our blog.

    BOOST 2017 Winner: Chicago Eco House

    Chicago Eco House works to restore the inner city through sustainability and green energy. In the news: WTTW – “Flower Power” farm-to-vase movement takes root on Chicago’s South and West Sides

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