BOOST 2022: Supporting Innovative Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

BOOST 2022: Supporting Innovative Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainability

Join in-person or online on October 27 to vote for your favorite emerging entrepreneur with ideas to promote local sustainability in the Midwest!
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Thank you for joining us at BOOST 2022!

For over ten years at our annual BOOST event, emerging entrepreneurs have shared innovative ideas to promote sustainability in their communities with innovative products and solutions. Since its inception, the BOOST program has awarded grants to 18 start-ups ranging from local composting businesses, biodegradable hair products designed for Black women, regenerative agriculture farming, an accessible repair-and-share tool library, a zero-waste grocer, and much more.

We congratulate this year’s winners: Rozina Kanchwala of Rewilding Acres and Aleksandra Plewa of EcoShip! We also congratulate this year’s runner up entrepreneurs: Sana Jafri of babygami co and Maliaka Hill of Centreville Citizens for Change. Each of this year’s winners receive $5,000 grant award each to further their business, and runners up each receive awards of $1,000 each.

Download the BOOST 2022 Digital Program Book

Joining us at BOOST? Want to learn more about the impact of BOOST? Click here to download and enjoy this year’s BOOST 2022 Digital Program Book and read more about updates from this year’s finalists and former BOOST Winners including:

– The Urban Canopy (2013 Winner)
– Lillian Augusta (2019 Winner)
– Block Bins (2019 Winner)
– Zumwalt Acres (2020 Winner)


We would like to thank the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship for hosting BOOST this year! Kaplan Institute “believes that higher education is best realized when applied to positive, practical change.” Their mission is to guide Illinois Tech students on a direct path to becoming Chicago’s next tech leaders.

Kaplan Institute at Illinois Tech
3137 S Federal St, Chicago, IL 60616








Additional details

For those attending the event in-person, we will reserve front-row seating for those with disabilities; printed handouts of the presentation with large scale font will be available upon request. For those attending the event online, automated closed captions will be provided by Zoom. Guests are encouraged to bring their mobile devices to the event to cast their votes electronically, though this is not necessary; those without devices will still be able to vote by coordinating with a volunteer. Please email us with other questions or comments about accessibility.

Please note that this year’s BOOST event will be recorded via photography, videography, and audio recording. By attending BOOST 2022, guests grant Delta Institute permission to take photographs/video/audio of them and their property. Guests authorize Delta Institute, its assigns, and transferees to edit, copyright, use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically. Guests agree that Delta Institute may use such photographs/video/audio of them with or without their names and for any lawful purpose, including such purposes as publicity, web content, and reports. By attending BOOST 2022, guests acknowledge that they have completely read and fully understand Delta Institute’s BOOST 2022 Media Release Consent Form and COVID-19 Disclosure, and agree by all conditions, and they release any and all claims against Delta Institute for utilizing this material for publication, external promotion, or distribution via Delta Institute-managed channels.

Delta Institute recognizes and appreciates that COVID-19 is an ongoing consideration for events attendance and management. We encourage our guests to please connect with us another time and stay at home to rest if they are experiencing fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste/smell, or any other symptom that may indicate COVID-19 infection. Further, we encourage our guests to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and welcome the wearing of masks to reduce community spread. Have fun and be safe!

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